Heartburn during Pregnancy


gerd aka reflux


Although the burning feeling in your chest does not have anything to do with your heart, it’s still called heartburn. Heartburn is incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable and takes place in many women, especially when they are pregnant. Keep reading to find out what the safest methods are to treat heartburn during pregnancy.

Causes of heartburn during pregnancy

After you’ve eaten something, food travels down a tube between your mouth and stomach, called the esophagus, passing through a muscular valve known as the lower esophageal sphincter or LES.

The LES opens so food can pass through the esophagus and enter the stomach, while preventing acid from rising up from the stomach at the same time.


However, during acid reflux, the LES relaxes, allowing the stomach acid to rise up and enter the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in your chest area.

Hormone changes that normally occur during pregnancy may cause muscles, including the LES, to relax more often. This causes more acid to rise up, especially after you’ve consumed a large meal or when you’re lying down.

Furthermore, the growing fetus during the second and third trimesters causes the uterus to expand more, resulting in added pressure on the stomach. This may push food and acid back up into the esophagus as well, causing heartburn.

Is heartburn a sign of pregnancy?

While this is possible as heartburn commonly occurs in most people at certain times of their lives, it may not necessarily indicate pregnancy. Other signs such as missed period, nausea and vomiting are good signs that you are pregnant and that you should take a pregnancy test.

Can pregnancy cause heartburn?

This varies among individuals as all women are different and being pregnant may not always mean that you’ll have heartburn. This depends on many factors, such as your diet, your everyday habits, your physiology and pregnancy.

The reason pregnancy is often linked with heartburn is that pregnancy increases a woman’s risk of acid reflux or heartburn. Your esophageal muscles may push food much more slowly into the stomach during your first trimester and the stomach may take a longer time to empty as well. This happens so that your body has enough time to absorb more nutrients for the fetus but it may result in acid reflux too. Furthermore, the growth of the baby during the third trimester may push your stomach out of its original position, causing acid reflux and discomfort.

Treatment for acid reflux during pregnancy

You may have to try a few options before you determine what the best treatment method is. The safest options for mom and child are lifestyle habits as they’re often linked to no side effects:

  • Have small, frequent meals, say about 4-6 meals a day instead of 3 large ones. Avoid drinking water while eating and have plenty of water between your meals.
  • Chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly.
  • Have your dinner as early as possible to avoid meals too close to bedtime. 4 to 5 hours before bedtime is a good choice.
  • Avoid heartburn triggers such as fatty foods, spicy food, carbonated drinks, citrus and tomato based foods such as ketchup, caffeine, milk chocolate and acidic foods.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing and stick to comfortable outfits.
  • Avoid lying down right after a meal and stay upright for at least an hour. Walking after a meal may facilitate digestion.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Sleep on your left side and use pillows to elevate your upper body while lying down.
  • Have some yogurt or a glass of milk right when symptoms begin to kick in as this will ease discomfort. Adding honey to your milk or yogurt can definitely help too. Another option is chamomile tea and honey as both help in relaxing the body and easing heartburn.

What about medications?

Always consult your doctor before taking any medication during your pregnancy. Your doctor may allow the use of OTC antacids such as Tums and Maalox to ease symptoms.

It’s best to avoid magnesium during the final trimester as these could interfere with your contractions during labor time. In addition, your doctor may ask you to avoid antacids containing high sodium content. Make sure you stay away from antacids and medications with any aluminum on the label as they can cause constipation. Medications containing aspirin are a no as well.

See a doctor if you’re taking too many antacids to relieve heartburn as you may be suffering from GERD. In addition, if heartburn affects your daily life or appears to be too severe, see your doctor as soon as possible.

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DID YOU KNOW? 40-80% of pregnant women will suffer from heartburn.


Getting your sleeping position right

The best and worst sleep positions

Have you ever wondered what are the best and worst sleep positions? Most of us spend one third of our lives sleeping. For some, sleeping is a necessity, while for others it is a luxury. With our fast-paced busy lives it can be easy to take sleep for granted. As we all know, sleep is vital for our health, mental and physical function, our mood and a myriad of other reasons.

Troubled sleep can result from poor sleep hygiene, too much noise or light, exercising, eating and drinking at the wrong times, a bad mattress or even your sleep position.

While your sleep position may not have a direct impact on your sleep, it can affect your daily performance, your appearance and exacerbate certain conditions too. Read on to find out which sleep positions are commonly good and bad and which one may be best for you.

bad sleeping positionOn your back

Perhaps the best sleep position for most people is on the back and for all the good reasons. Sleeping on the back allows proper circulation to the brain and thus, boosts cognitive function.

It also maintains a neutral position of your spine, neck and back. This prevents backaches and allows you to comfortably wake up the next day. Sleeping on your back also fights acid reflux for those of you who are prone to it.

Sleeping on the back is also a cosmetically sound option because it prevents breast sagging by providing them with proper support and also keeps wrinkles at bay. As there is nothing pushing against your face all night, there is a lower chance of you getting wrinkles as compared to those who sleep in other positions which involve face and bed contact.

However, the downside is that back sleeping is not the best position for those who snore because it allows the tongue to collapse at the back of the throat, hence, creating a vibrating sound.

On your side

Sleeping on your left side can reduce snoring, ease heartburn and acid reflux and allow you to sleep without any interruption. Sleeping on your right side, however, can worsen heartburn.

Worry sleep

Sleeping on the left side is advisable for pregnant women as well as back sleeping can put excessive pressure on the spine and sleeping on the left side can improve circulation to the heart.

The downside: Side sleeping can cause wrinkles and breast sagging.

Fetal position

Perhaps one of the most comfortable positions is the fetal position. However, the contortion can compress vital organs and restrict your breathing. Curling your back can also lead to poor back health. In addition, sleeping in the fetal position can result in breast sagging and wrinkles.

On your stomach

This is perhaps the worst position to sleep in even though it can be extremely comfy for most people. Spending six to eight hours face down can flatten your spinal curve. Moreover, stomach sleeping can apply excessive stress on your muscles and joints, thus causing nerve irritation and tingling, numbness and pain, especially of the arms. Just like with side and fetal positions, sleeping on the stomach can also cause wrinkles and breast sagging.



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Healthy fast foods

Man eating cake red cross

Healthy Fast foods


When you take the initiative to eat healthy, you may think that you are giving up on those foods that you love the most. This can be particularly true with the junk foods. It does not help that those foods are so tasty and so convenient. It is time to change your thinking. Eating healthy does not restrict your diet to just fruit and vegetables. There is a wide variety of healthy foods, including alternatives to junk food. In this article, we review a long list of healthy choices for a quick and healthy snack.



You may be able to stop the need for junk food before it even starts with a simple glass of water. One glass of water may stop the urge for junk food. Have a glass of water and wait twenty minutes. By that time, the hunger may pass.


Now on to eating some good healthy stuff!


Rice Cakes and Popcorn

You may or may not be a fan of popcorn or rice cakes, but choosing them over crisps will be a smart move! Good news; just like crisps, you can get these in different flavours and you should be able to try a few until you find one that makes you happy. Be careful though, do not add flavour that defeats the purpose of eating sensibly in the first place. Try a little salt or some low-fat butter to make your healthy snack a little more enjoyable.


Granola or Power Bars

If your first thought for something convenient is a candy bar, then consider a granola bar or a power bar. You probably will find these more enjoyable. Even better, these alternatives are more likely to satiate your appetite better than a chocolate bar that you used to enjoy. If you are looking for an extra kick, a Power Bar is a great way to get that energy as well as protein and vitamins. Similarly, granola bars have much healthier ingredients that you would otherwise find in a candy bar or other candy.


healthy fast food

healthy eating

Fruits and Vegetables

There are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available and you should be able to find some that satisfy your taste buds. Try not to think about those veggies that your mother forced you to eat or those that were added to bad cafeteria food. There are sweet veggies and fruits out there that you can enjoy. Make sure that you get a wide variety not just for your palate, but also for the different vitamins and minerals in the various kinds of fruits and vegetables. Since these are healthy foods, eat up, your body will thank you.


Frozen Yogurt

Have you got those ice cream cravings? Well, frozen yogurt is a cool way to get a little sweetness and stay away from the pounds that ice cream can add. Just like ice cream you can get it in a lot of different flavours that should make it feel like a special treat. It’s cool, creaminess will make you feel like you are eating ice cream.

 Healthy Eating Strategy

How to Get to Healthy?


You need to put together a strategy for success. The first step would be to make success possible. Write down the reasons that you have to stop eating junk food. Write down the calorie intake of your favourite guilty pleasure. Research the worst ingredients in that candy bar that you think you just have to have. Maybe even illustrate the results of junk food in pictures of how you look with extra pounds. Keep this notes and pictures in places where they are most effective, like near the cupboard.


Keep healthy alternatives handy. Stock your shelves and your fridge with those healthy foods that you like. This will ensure that you have something good for you when you get a craving. Remember that one of the advantages to junk food is its convenience, whether it is at corner story or in the fast-food junk. Keeping a supply will make these trips unnecessary.


You may want to make healthy food and then save it for another day. Take the extra and freeze it. When you feel the need, you can microwave the extra and cut off that craving at the pass. Having a variety of healthy treats available can help you avoid any monotony in your healthy lifestyle.


If you can show a little discipline, you can reward yourself with an occasional junk food prize. The key is to understand that your reward must be occasional. Filling up with a bag of potato chips is not a reward, it is heading for disaster. So keep the reward small but satisfying and you can stop the craving.


The issue may not be what you are eating, but how you are eating it. If you enjoy fried food, you should consider boiling or grilling your favourites. You can add spices or other extras to make it taste to your liking. There are even ways to keep the flavour of meats when you grill.


The demon in the junk food universe is the fast food chains. However, these chains are nothing if they’re not market savvy, so they realized that they must adapt their menus. So you do not need to pass by your favourite fast food joint, just check out other parts of the menu. Try the grilled items instead of the fried. Order a salad instead of the burger and fries. Check out the calorie counts of what is on the menu. Your love affair with these restaurants does not have to end, only mature.


So you have a plan and now you are ready to go. But what if you slip? Do not fret it, expect it. The key is to pick yourself up, not get too worked up over it, and get back on your plan. A little food indiscretion is not going to destroy your intent, but fretting over it can be more detrimental to your health than that candy bar.


There is no shortage of diet solutions out there as anyone who turns on a television around new years knows or stops in a bookstore and peruses the bookshelves on diets. You may have friends and family who have spent a lifetime trying the various diets. That is the advantage to moving away from junk food. The results will occur quickly and they can lead to a permanent change in diet that will keep those pounds off.


Before you move forward with your plan, make sure that you consult with your physician before making any drastic changes in your diet. If you are replacing junk food with supplements, herbs, or similar items from your health food store, you should always make sure that it will not interfere with any other health condition. The goal is to bring your health forward, so you do not want to cause more harm than good.


Finally, do not let a trip to a restaurant as a chance to go calorie crazy. If you keep your intake under control, you can enjoy a meal away from the house. Check out the calorie count of the menu items and take advantage of time away from the kitchen.

We want to hear what your favourite healthy snack is!

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Despite the addition of some healthy kids' meal options, less than 1% of all kids' meal combinations, 33 out of 5,427 possible meals met recommended nutrition standards.


Acid Reflex or Heartburn?

Heartburn - gerd aka reflux

Acid Reflex or Heartburn? 9 Questions to ask yourself!

Although no stomach pain is easy to ignore, you may want to know if your pains are caused by heartburn or gastro oesophageal reflux, also known as GERD or simply acid reflux.

If it is heartburn that only occurs occasionally, you may be able to treat it with over-the-counter drugs or some changes in your lifestyle diet but  for the more debilitating condition of acid reflux, a reflux wedge pillow can be a very effective solution.

To distinguish whether you have heartburn or GERD simply answer the following questions:

1)  Have you had persistent symptoms for two weeks which cannot be relieved with over-the-counter medicines?

2) Is your heartburn continuously getting worse?

3) Are you unable to sleep because of the pain in your stomach?

4) Can it be difficult to swallow because you get the feeling of heartburn?

5) Does the feeling of heartburn continue even after over-the-counter drugs?

6)  If you are asthmatic, do you feel symptoms after meals, lying down, working out?

7) Do your asthma symptoms flair up at night?

8) Are you losing weight for no apparent reason or has your appetite vanished?

9) Are you unable to do your daily routine because heartburn is affecting you?

If the answer to any or many of these questions is yes, you need to see consult your doctor. This is most likely not simple heartburn. If left untreated, you could end with much worse medical issues such as narrowing of the oesophagus or even worse still Barret’s oesophagus, a pre-cancerous condition.

Is there a symptom that we’ve missed that we could add to the list?

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Blood Sugar Levels: Why Low Blood Sugar Levels Cause Cravings and Lead to a Sugar Binge

sugar addiction image

Why Low Blood Sugar Levels Cause Cravings and Lead to a Sugar Binge

Are you concerned about your blood sugar levels? If you’re like most people, you probably already know the difference between a good diet and a bad diet – or at least you may be able to distinguish healthy foods from unhealthy ones. However, one major issue most of us face with our diets is dealing with those unwelcomed, nasty cravings. Caving into your unhealthy cravings may not be a result of weak willpower, but they can tarnish your motivation to carry on eating healthy.

On the bright side, you can stop blaming your lack of willpower for your inability to control your cravings and start blaming something else…
Your brain chemistry! Research monitoring the blood glucose levels in people indicates that sugar cravings have little to do with your willpower and more to do with how your brain functions. Your subconscious mind ensures that you are safe. You need it for your survival. In life-threatening situations, like with an approaching car, your subconscious mind takes action and allows your body to make a rapid movement for your safety. In an incident like this, you can’t use your intellect or strategic thinking skills to take action – you just don’t have the time.
Similarly, your body needs food for survival. Your brain thrives on glucose therefore, it needs a regular flow of glucose in the blood to function properly.

image of sugar donuts

However, in case your blood glucose level drops excessively low, your subconscious mind tries to correct the problem by signalling your body to have a high-carb or high-sugar food. Is this a valid reason to excuse ourselves whenever we have a sugar binge? No. However, it does help to understand the problem in order to rectify it effectively. Just one bite may not be enough to satisfy you; therefore, you keep having more and end up in sugar binge. It’s important to understand that consumption of high-sugar foods such as chocolate creates sensations of pleasure and happiness in the body – you must be familiar with this already. This is mainly because such foods stimulate the release of “feel good” chemicals in the brain, hence making it even more difficult to control yourself. You need to hold yourself accountable. You’ve understood the chemistry of your brain, now you need to familiarize yourself with your hunger and craving patterns. Hold yourself accountable for everything and you’ll be able to control your next sugar attack. Research indicates that it becomes hard for a person to stop consuming a high-sugar snack without losing control.

Therefore, the solution is to opt for complex carbs rather than refined carbs. Refined carbs include the unhealthy carbohydrate varieties including white flour, white sugar and white rice. You can replace them with foods containing complex carbohydrates such as oats, whole grains, quinoa, fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds.

It doesn’t matter where you get your carbs from, they will be broken down to glucose and eventually serve the same purpose.

What’s your favourite sugary “treat”?

Have you any weird binging habits, let us know by leaving a comment below!

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That the average person consumers 24 kilograms of sugar each year. This number is larger in developed industrialized countries and is around 33 kg!

Source: www.sugarhistory.net

Choosing the right pillow

Choosing the right pillow

 choosing the right pillow

There’s nothing better than starting off your day after a good night’s sleep. However, in our busy fast-paced lives, sleep is a luxury and overlooking the small details that can improve or worsen it can be easy. One of the main issues concerning poor sleep is an inadequate pillow.

Pillows (and especially memory foam pillows) can not only have a positive or negative impact on our quality of sleep, they also play a role in how well we rest and recharge ourselves. The right pillow can help you feel fresh, happy and energetic when you wake up in the morning but the wrong one worsen headaches and cause neck pain, sneezing, wheezing and arm numbness according to orthopaedic surgeon, Andre Hecht, MD. Furthermore, if your pillow is too old, it may consist of skin cells, fungus, dust mites and mildew, making up most of the pillow’s weight.

How to choose the right pillow

In order to improve the quality of your sleep and reduce or prevent neck pain, you need to find the right pillow. Individuals who sleep on their side would benefit from a pillow that fills just the gap between the ear and the mattress. This will prevent the head from tilting.

If you’re a back sleeper, you should use a pillow that prevents your head from tilting forward or backward.

There is a wide variety of pillows in the market to choose from but despite the popularity level of each type of pillow, it is essential that you pick a pillow that provides adequate support and helps you sleep well. As a rule of thumb, choose a pillow that keeps your neck in a neutral position – this mostly depends on how you sleep.


Don’t have a clue about the types of pillow available in the market? We’ve got you covered:

1. Feather pillows

We all know what feather pillows are. If you aren’t allergic to feathers, this may be a good choice because feather pillows can be adjusted to fit your head shape. Moreover, they provide less resistance as compared to traditional foam pillows.

2. Orthopaedic pillows

Orthopedic pillows are designed to maintain that neutral position of your neck and maintain its natural curve.

3. Cervical pillows

Cervical pillows are roll-shaped pillows that are utilized to relieve neck pain and stress by neutralizing your neck position and maintaining the natural shape and position of your head and neck during your sleep.

4. Memory foam pillows

Another great option is a pillow which comes in a traditional shape but with memory foam which conform to the curve of your neck.

The right Sleeping position

bad sleeping position

While investing in a good pillow may be critical for a good night’s sleep, so is your sleep position. Make sure you avoid propping your head too high up on several pillows. Ideally, your head shouldn’t bend forward or backward. If you are reading in bed, make sure your head and neck are supported in a neutral position.

When it comes to getting proper sleep, sleeping on your back or side are considered to be the best options. Sleeping on your stomach allows your head and neck to be twisted and turned into an unnatural position; which can cause neck pain when you wake up in the morning.

What’s your favourite pillow or sleeping position?

Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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A Korean man named Lee Jin-gyu fell in love with a life-sized Japanese body pillow called a “dakimakura”. The pillow has the image of a cartoon character named Fate Testarossa on it, from an anime called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Source- New York Times- 2DLove - 2009/07/26

[Infographic] Acid Reflux Guide All you Need to Know!

Acid Reflux Infographic

Info-graphic – Visual guide containing facts relating to Acid Reflux aka gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd) that takes a look at;

  • The estimated number of sufferers from around the world
  • Symptoms of the condition
  • A clear definition of what reflux is
  • What causes acid reflux
  • Prevention of gastro-esophageal reflux
  • The testing and diagnosis of reflux
  • and Discusses the long term risks and the associated diseases that can result from exposure to long term untreated acid reflux.

Symptoms of acid reflux
Acid reflux is normally characterized by the unpleasant feeling in your chest and can be confused or called heartburn. It occurs due to the backward flow of the acid in the stomach into the esophagus, which is a tube that connects your throat to the stomach. Acid reflux is also called gastroesophageal reflux.

Acid reflux is one of the most researched health issues on the internet –  a common complaint that affects millions of people worldwide.

Causes of Reflux
Acid reflux is common in people of all ages and can sometimes occur due to no apparent cause. However, in most cases, it is linked to lifestyle factors. In some cases, it may occur to from effects that cannot be controlled such as pregnancy. Sometimes pregnancy may cause the acid in the stomach to be pushed upwards to the oesophagi. In addition, development of a hiatal hernia – an anatomical abnormality which causes the upper part of the stomach to insert into the chest cavity – may lead to acid reflux.

Some controllable risk factors may include obesity, active and passive smoking, too much alcohol, low fibre intake, lack of physical activity, medication such as painkillers, antidepressants and asthma drugs.

Common symptoms of acid reflux include heartburn and regurgitation – sour-bitter taste in the mouth. Other symptoms such as bloating, burping and nausea may result too.

Preventing Reflux
Having large meals before bedtime, being overweight and having certain foods and beverages such as citrus, spicy or oily food, alcohol, carbonated drinks and coffee are common causes of acid reflux as well.

Fortunately, acid reflux can be prevented by taking medications and following some lifestyle changes.

Click on the image to enlarge to full screen

info-graphic reflux image

Infographic – Acid reflux worldwide statistics & info

Click on the image to enlarge to full screen


If you suspect GERD or acid reflux due to it’s tell tale signs, try modifying your eating habits and taking OTC medications. If improving your lifestyle doesn’t help, see a doctor.
Your doctor will prescribe drugs that may improve symptoms.

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Did you know ... That the symptoms of Acid reflux are exacerbated when lying down / sleeping. By using a wedge pillow for acid reflux (aka a bed wedge) to elevate your sleeping position by 6-8 inches can help eradicate some if not all of the symptoms.

Dining Out and Staying Healthy

So you want to eat out and you want to eat healthy. You should not have to fret if you plan correctly. Think about the where you are going to eat, look at the menu, and select the meal that works with your plan. Now make those reservations and let us get moving.

Where to eat

*Your choice of restaurant can make all the difference. Therefore, when you chose a restaurant, make sure that you chose one that has a diverse menu with options for everyone (consider your other guests too). If it is one you are familiar with, great. If not, go to their website and see what is available
*PlanningDepending on when you decided to eat out, you should plan your meals accordingly. If you decide to go out to dinner before you eat your lunch, then you should have a light lunch, breakfast, and snacks during that day. If you decide to eat dinner after you already ate a large lunch or breakfast, then have a smaller dinner.
*Navigate your way through the healthiest choices for food preparation. Frying or sautéing usually are types of preparation to avoid. Remember that “rich” means rich in calories just as crispy means fried. The type of foods that you should look for are broiled, steamed, or baked food preparation is also important in controlling calories and fat intake.

What to Order

*Put some balance in your meal by choosing something from all food groups. Go down the checklist for grains, dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables. A great way to get that healthy meal is by ordering a salad.as an entrée. However, stay away from those “healthy salad invaders” such as croutons or heavy dressing (select a low calorie alternative). You can enjoy something with chicken, seafood, or cheese in a salad and get the vitamins, protein, and fiber.

*Do not ruin a healthy sandwich with unhealthy extras. Keep it low fat with mustard, ketchup, mustard, or relish (hold the mayo). Stay with the classic lettuce, tomato, and onions. If you want a dressing, keep it low fat.
*A side dish can supplement your meal and keep it healthy all the same. Fruit, salad, or a baked potato is great options. If you want to top your spud with a little extra nutrition, salsa, chili, or veggies will do the trick.
*When the waiter asks you if you want fries with that, say, “No, I want a salad.” Make sure the dressing is low-calorie.
*Don’t see what you want? Ask. If the customer is always right, then the restaurant customer is right to ask for a special order. Most restaurants are willing to help with your reasonable special request.
*If the restaurant does not have portion control, you need to have it anyway. If the portions are too large, then do not finish the meal. Look at the menu and see if the appetizer version of the entrée would be a better choice. Do not be afraid to ask for a doggy bag. Also, stay away from the entrees with the largest number of calories.

Slow it down.

*Aside from bad manners, eating quickly means you are not letting your stomach notify your brain that you are not hungry. Your brain needs 20 minutes to digest the news. Eating fast means eating more. Slow eaters usually eat less and enjoy more.

Kids and Healthy Dining Out

*If you are bringing kids along and want them to eat healthy, then you should find a restaurant that welcomes kids and includes nutritional meals on its kid’s menus. The meals will be smaller than and just as healthy as the adult meals.
*Stay away from sodas, sugary drinks, and fattening desserts. Drink milk, just like at home, and haveFried Food - a Reflux no no some fruit for dessert.
*To restrict the amount of sauce, have it delivered on the side.
*Carrots and apples are better than fries. This goes for kids as well as adults…
*Limit the child’s choices to those things that are healthy.
*Do not have your child try something for the first time when you are out. Do you want to pay to find out your child hates squid? If they want something new, have them try a little bit of your meal.
*Strong bones come from getting the daily requirements of calcium; this does not stop when your child is in the restaurant. The child should have milk as a beverage and cheese if he or she has a sandwich. For dessert, try frozen yogurt or a fruit smoothie.

Do not let restaurants scare you, you can get your healthy meals and still it out. Plan ahead and you can enjoy your trip out without ruining your diet for the week.

Acid reflux treatment break through

Beat acid reflux in your sleepPills for reflux symptoms

Beat acid reflux with your eyes closed! Get the most effective acid reflux treatment. Acid reflux is very uncomfortable. And as if that’s not enough, you also experience it during sleep so it affects the kind of rest you have at night. So what if the guy at the counter knows what you’re feeling, right? What you want is to not feel anything because of acid reflux. What you want is to just sleep in piece without fear of being assaulted from the inside by acid rising up from your stomach. What you want is a bed wedge.

 A what?

A bed wedge is one of the most effective aids for acid reflux treatment. Bed wedges, as their name implies, are foam wedges you can use when you sleep. To put it simply, bed wedges are pillows that elevate your back and head, designed to raise your torso to aid in alleviating acid reflux. They may come in various shapes and sizes but are commonly made with elevations between six and eight inches. The best acid reflux treatment can be only a click away.

How does it work?

A wedge pillow functions by taking advantage of gravity. With your torso propped up, acids in your stomach are kept at bay because they can’t rush back up your esophagus. Because they can’t go back up the esophagus, you don’t have to endure bouts of acid reflux. Wedge pillows are better than regular pillows because they are made of sturdier materials meaning their firmness won’t change over time. Firmness is very important in wedge pillows because this allows them to keep supporting the torso at the required elevation to relieve acid reflux. Regular pillows are just not firm enough, even when they are new, so they can’t provide the support you need to prop up the torso to combat acid reflux. If you’re in need of quick relief and don’t have wedge pillows, you can make do with regular pillows for a couple of nights. Still, it is best to get wedge pillows at the soonest time possible in order to take advantage of the relief they provide against acid reflux.

 Where can you get one?

You should be able to find a bed wedge wherever pillows are sold. If you’re having trouble finding one, your best bet is to take your search online. There are different kinds of bed wedges and a number of online stores carry them, giving you a range of options to consider to help you find the best bed wedge pillows for you to use. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for recommendations!

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Did you know? 60% of the adult population will experience acid reflux disease within a 12 month period and 20% to 30% will have weekly symptoms.Click here to view our large selection of memory foam wedge pillows

Remedies for acid reflux

What is Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a chronic condition where in stomach contents rush back up into the esophagus because of this, GERD is also commonly referrHealth imageed to as acid reflux. There are different reasons why people suffer from GERD and different ways by which the condition can be managed. One of these ways is using a bed wedge. Bed wedges are designed to elevate the torso, preventing stomach acid from backing up and burning the lining of the esophagus during sleep. Wedge pillows come in various sizes, ranging in elevation between six and eight inches.

 How a wedge pillow works

Wedge pillows follow a simple principle—by elevating your torso, it keeps stomach acids from entering the esophagus as opposed to what would happen if you slept on your back using a regular pillow. With your torso, shoulders, and head elevated, gravity keeps your stomach contents in so they can’t rush back up the esophagus. Although they vary in size, wedge pillows may be used for different sleeping positions. Whether you sleep on your side or on your back, using a bed wedge will not cause any tension on your neck or head, leaving you with a comfortable support that will let you enjoy a good night’s sleep. You can also use wedge pillows alongside other treatment options for better results.

Can’t you just use a regular pillow to prop you up?

Bed wedge pillows are one of the best remedies for acid reflux. Regular pillows eventually lose their firmness and start sagging so they aren’t recommended for treating acid reflux. Even using several pillows won’t do because they can’t give you the support you need exactly. Wedge pillows are recommended because aside from being made from materials that retain their firmness, they are also ergonomically designed so they are made to properly support the body during sleep, not only alleviating acid reflux but letting you sleep better as well.

 Risks and side effects

Using a bed wedge has zero risks and side effects so you should have nothing to worry about. Should you find a bed wedge not comfortable enough, you can safely switch to another pillow. You can even stop using bed wedges altogether and you’ll be fine. Of course, you may start suffering from acid reflux again because you’ll be sleeping on your back without ample elevation, but the act of stopping using a pillow wedge itself is nothing to be concerned about. You just can’t do the same with other acid reflux treatment options.

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