Getting your sleeping position right

The best and worst sleep positions

Have you ever wondered what are the best and worst sleep positions? Most of us spend one third of our lives sleeping. For some, sleeping is a necessity, while for others it is a luxury. With our fast-paced busy lives it can be easy to take sleep for granted. As we all know, sleep is vital for our health, mental and physical function, our mood and a myriad of other reasons.

Troubled sleep can result from poor sleep hygiene, too much noise or light, exercising, eating and drinking at the wrong times, a bad mattress or even your sleep position.

While your sleep position may not have a direct impact on your sleep, it can affect your daily performance, your appearance and exacerbate certain conditions too. Read on to find out which sleep positions are commonly good and bad and which one may be best for you.

bad sleeping positionOn your back

Perhaps the best sleep position for most people is on the back and for all the good reasons. Sleeping on the back allows proper circulation to the brain and thus, boosts cognitive function.

It also maintains a neutral position of your spine, neck and back. This prevents backaches and allows you to comfortably wake up the next day. Sleeping on your back also fights acid reflux for those of you who are prone to it.

Sleeping on the back is also a cosmetically sound option because it prevents breast sagging by providing them with proper support and also keeps wrinkles at bay. As there is nothing pushing against your face all night, there is a lower chance of you getting wrinkles as compared to those who sleep in other positions which involve face and bed contact.

However, the downside is that back sleeping is not the best position for those who snore because it allows the tongue to collapse at the back of the throat, hence, creating a vibrating sound.

On your side

Sleeping on your left side can reduce snoring, ease heartburn and acid reflux and allow you to sleep without any interruption. Sleeping on your right side, however, can worsen heartburn.

Worry sleep

Sleeping on the left side is advisable for pregnant women as well as back sleeping can put excessive pressure on the spine and sleeping on the left side can improve circulation to the heart.

The downside: Side sleeping can cause wrinkles and breast sagging.

Fetal position

Perhaps one of the most comfortable positions is the fetal position. However, the contortion can compress vital organs and restrict your breathing. Curling your back can also lead to poor back health. In addition, sleeping in the fetal position can result in breast sagging and wrinkles.

On your stomach

This is perhaps the worst position to sleep in even though it can be extremely comfy for most people. Spending six to eight hours face down can flatten your spinal curve. Moreover, stomach sleeping can apply excessive stress on your muscles and joints, thus causing nerve irritation and tingling, numbness and pain, especially of the arms. Just like with side and fetal positions, sleeping on the stomach can also cause wrinkles and breast sagging.



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