Post Pregnancy Weight Loss


Woman Pointing Her StomachPost pregnancy weight loss tips

We hear many post pregnancy weight loss tips, that aren’t safe, effective or simply don’t work. We understand that you’re eager to get your old body back but it’s critical that you remain patient and lose weight safely. While many celebrities may be able to get back to their beach-body selves straight from the delivery room, most of them don’t do it in the best possible manner that is good for them or their babies.

Moreover, celebrities have chefs and nannies to help them; this is something an average woman doesn’t t have. You have to feed the baby, change her diapers, figure out what to do when she cries and to top it all off, you have to work on losing those extra pounds too. This is quite stressful but you need to remain calm and create an action plan that works for you and your baby.

How long does post pregnancy weight loss take?

If you started at a normal BMI and gained around 25 to 35 pounds as recommended by your doctor during your pregnancy, it will most probably take you a little more than two months to return to your old weight — if you make mindful health choices and exercise.

If you were overweight and gained more during pregnancy as per your doctor’s recommendation, it may take longer and even up to a year to shed those pounds. It all depends on how committed you are and how sustainable and effective your weight loss plan is.

Is it safe to exercise after pregnancy?

Once your doctor has given you the green light, you can start working out but just make sure you don’t start out with an intense routine and not workout to the point of exhaustion. Start with easy exercises such as gentle stretching, pelvic floor exercises and walking until you’re up for a more intense routine. Build up the intensity and length of the workouts with time.

No time to exercise? Here are some ideas you should try:

1) Start dancing
You don’t have to be a great dancer to enjoy the weight loss benefits of dancing. Play your favorite songs and freestyle to them, this will help you have fun and make your baby laugh too! Not only will this give you a great workout, it will lift your mood as well as your baby’s too.

2) Let your baby help you
Hold your baby securely and try doing some squats, arm lifts and sit ups. You can even place your baby on your yoga mat and give him/her a kiss each time you descend during a push up. Just make sure you’re smiling and your baby will enjoy it too.

3) Move more around the house
After you’ve healed from your labor, move your baby’s diaper changing station to another floor or the furthest room from your usual mom-baby chill spot. This will force you to go up and down or walk a lot every time you have to change your baby’s diaper.

4) Take your baby for a walk
Put your baby in a stroll and try to walk at least 15 minutes every day, depending on how long your baby wants to stay in it. You can take her to the park, walk her down the street, at the mall or at a grocery store.

What about diet?

Crash dieting after having a baby, especially if you’re breastfeeding is a strict no because it affects the quality of the breast milk. In any case, speaking to your doctor about it is important.
Make sure you lose your weight at a healthy pace. Include more fruits and vegetables and other healthier choices and cut down on processed and junk food as much as possible. Not all calories are created the same, therefore, the calories and nutrients in an apple will help you stay healthy and lose weight much more effectively than the calories in a bag of chips.

Some quick tips that you can try include:

1) Drink plenty of water. Drinking more water is easy, effortless and cheap. Develop a habit of having a glass of wToned model in big jeansater before, during and after feeding your baby as this will keep you hydrated and help you feel full.

2) Consume more fiber. Fruits, vegetables, quinoa, nuts and seeds and whole grains are packed with fiber. Fiber helps you feel satiated. Satiation is especially beneficial for weight loss because this curbs your cravings for high-calorie snacks.

3) Keep junk food out of the house. Stock up on single serving cups of yogurt (you can even store them in repurposed baby food jars) in the freezer so you can have them with fruit, nuts or honey each time you’re up for a snack. If you’re craving for something unhealthy really badly, purchase a single portion size only, enjoy the snack without guilt and never stock up on extras!

Enjoy safe and effective post pregnancy weight loss by following the above tips!

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Diet right! Skipping meals is not a good idea. To lose weight and keep it off, you have to reduce the amount of calories you consume or increase the calories you burn through exercise. But skipping meals altogether can result in tiredness and poor nutrition. You will also be more likely to snack on high-fat and high-sugar foods, which could result in weight gain.

Diet Plan To Lower Your Cholesterol Level

healthy holiday eating

Cholesterol: Add these Foods to your Diet to reduce risks

If your cholesterol or heart is an issue, you may need to take medication, such as Lipitor to control it. However, you may choose to bring down your levels by changing your diet. There are several ways to achieve this. So if you combine some healthy habits such as exercise with some of the choices below, you may able to lower your cholesterol and live a healthier life. These foods, taken correctly, should help your heart.

Soluble Fibre

Soluble fibre can reduce the lipoprotein level, also known as the bad cholesterol. Soluble fibre reduces the introduction of cholesterol into your bloodstream. Five to ten grams a day will help improve your bad cholesterol numbers. This can be obtained through a cup and half of oatmeal. You can combine this with fibre rich fruits such as bananas or obtain it through oatmeal cereal. Other options include kidney beans or barley or fruits such as apples or pears. That seems like a pretty good variety for someone trying to prevent heart issues.fibre breakfast

Fatty Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish is more than brain food; it is heart food, particularly for those who already have heart issues. The fatty acids in those fish or Omega-3 fish oil will reduce your blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends two servings of fish a week. The fish should be prepared on a grill or baked, or your efforts may defeat the purpose. Among the best choices are mackerel, albacore tuna, salmon, and halibut. You can also use omega-3 fish oil supplements, however make sure that you don’t combine them with bad eating habits, which would defeat the purpose.


There are certain nuts that are high in polyunsaturated fats and will help you reduce your cholesterol. Be careful, however, because nuts are naturally high in calories. Therefore, you will want to limit your intake to a handful or an ounce and a half a day. Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios, peanuts and pecans are all good for your heart. However, once again, you must avoid those “extras” such as salt that defeat the purpose of eating a healthy diet. Nonetheless, it is a great way to substitute for poor snack choices.

 Olive Oil

Two tablespoons of olive oil a day will change your level of bad cholesterol. The key is to use it as a substitute for all those times in your cooking that you choose to use fatty items, such as butter. You can also use it for salad dressing. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants, which will improve your heart health. However, once again, you much watch your intake for both olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil, both of which are high in calories.

Sterols and Stanols Supplements.

Foods are now being made with sterol and stanol supplements. These supplements reduce the bad cholesterol without affecting your good cholesterol or triglycerides (fat found in the blood). They can be found as supplements in yogurt, margarine, or orange juice. Two servings a day should help lower cholesterol.   

Diet Changes in General

Do not think of any of these as a magic solution that will resolve your health issues. Any one of these solutions should be combined with a healthy overall diet that reduces transfats found in store-made cookies or cakes. You also need to follow through on other parts of healthy living, such as cutting out smoking and regularly exercising.


By Dickie Hoff

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Best yoga poses for menstrual cramps

Best yoga poses for menstrual cramps

Can yoga posses really help with menstrual cramps? Yes. We are guessing it’s that time of the month when you suffer from cramps, headaches, bloating and feel nauseated. Most of the ladies just take a pain killer to alleviate pain while others consume sweets, salts, caffeine and alcohol to distract themselves from the discomfort or satisfy their cravings.

The result in most cases is the same; the pain doesn’t go away and even if it does, weWoman Pointing Her Stomach are welcoming some side effects which could otherwise be avoided.

We have a better solution for your monthly menstrual cramps and that’s yoga.

Here are some of the best yoga poses that would help you get rid of those awful menstrual cramps:

Bow Pose:

This pose not only helps with cramps, but also comes handy in relieving constipation and respiratory ailments. In this pose, all your weight is on your navel, which helps in stimulating the organs of the abdomen. This helps in easing the cramps and also in regulating the flow of the blood to and from the uterus, thus relieving one from the pain and the bloating.

1. Lie down on your stomach
2. Keep your feet hip width apart and your arms by your side

3. Stretch out your hands and bend your knees so that your hands are holding your ankles
4. Breathe in and start raising your body from the front in a way that your chest is off the ground
5. Lift your thighs off the ground too at the same time
6. Make sure your body and breathing is stable, if it’s not, try to keep it stable
7. Hold the position for twenty seconds
8. While returning to the original position and releasing your ankles, remember to exhale

Note: Do not attempt this pose if you’re pregnant, have had recent abdominal surgery, have high blood pressure or have a neck or back injury.

Noose Pose:

This pose is best for soothing mild back, neck and shoulder pain and of course, menstrual cramps. In this pose, you stretch the muscles of your ankles, groin and back, which helps in stimulating the uterus (thus, easing the cramps), improving digestion and beating constipation.

1. Stand with your hands in the “Namaste” position, your back straight and your feet together
2. Now bend your knees and sit in a way such that your buttocks touch your calves
3. Exhale. Now, stretch your left hand over your right hand in a way that your forearm literally passes over your shin
4. The above movement would cause your back to twist
5. Now, take your right hand behind your back and hold your left hand with it. You can either hold the wrist of the left hand or you can interlock fingers, whatever makes you comfortable
6. Stay in this position for about fifteen minutes. Breathe gently in this entire time
7. Release yourself from this pose by releasing one hand and twisting yourself slowly out of this position

Tip: Don’t attempt to try this pose if you’re suffering from back, neck or knee injury.

Fish Pose:

Not only does this pose reduce menstrual cramps, it gives your skin a healthy glow too! He fish pose stretches out the muscles of your legs, chest, neck and back, thus giving you an instant relief from muscle aches. This pose also helps in getting rid of indigestion, gas and bloating.

1. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor
2. Straighten your legs and place your arms on your either side
3. Now raise your hips and place each hand under your hips. Make sure you raise one side at a time
4. Bend your elbows and try to raise your torso or upper body off the floor
5. Exhale while doing the above step
6. Tilt your head backwards with your chest out
7. Hold this position for 5 seconds
8. Inhale while resting your back on the floor

Note: Don’t attempt to try this pose if you’re suffering from a medical condition especially if you suffer form high blood pressure or have back or neck injury. If you are unsure always consult a medical professional before carrying out any of the exercises contained in this article.belly pain

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What does the word 'yoga' mean? The word is derived from the Sanskrit word 'yuj', which means 'to unify' or 'to yoke'.

Strengthen your core – 4 good reasons why you should

core strength

Why you need to strengthen your core.

Rocking a beach-worthy body may be good motivation, but it isn’t the only reason to strengthen your core. Your core has a lot more to do in improving your lifestyle than just plain aesthetics. The core is your body’s powerhouse. It facilitates movements, protects your internal organs and houses your nervous system.


Here are 4 reasons for increasing your core strength:

1. Injury prevention

You need more than a hundred crunches to achieve a strong core. When it comes torso strength, you require core stability along with core strength. Most of us miss out on the stability part because we are so focused on getting a 6 pack. Core stability is crucial because you have to work your deeper muscles first. Once you’ve worked the deeper muscles, everything else will fall into the right place. Core stability increases your fitness level and ensures that you are less prone to injury. When we are moving, it is easy to assume that your legs, feet or hands are doing all the work, however, most movement originates from the center i.e. your core. Achieving a strong and hard core will ensure your movements are more fluid, fruitful and pain-free. For better core stability, try to suck your belly button inwards as much as possible. Kegel exercises are excellent if you’re a woman because it helps in drawing in your pelvic floor and strengthening your core’s lower end.

2. Protect your central nervous system and internal organs

If you want to be healthy, you need to protect your vital organs. Your core is not only the area where your central nervous system and organs do most of their work, it is also where the largest and most important blood vessels in your body are located. When you have a strong core, you ensure that everything inside is protected while you do your daily life tasks.

core workout

3. Eliminate back pain

Back pain is one of the most common results of a weak core. In most cases, back pain is caused by weak abdominals and overly strong back muscles. When you develop core strength, you build a balance in the front and back of your body. Having a sedentary lifestyle just makes things worse. Therefore, make sure you are mindful about your posture. Not being careful about how you sit and whether you engage your core muscles can result in compressed disks in the spine. Sitting for prolonged periods with an arched and tilted pelvis instead of sitting straight and tall can cause back pain. If you really want to work your core most of the time, try to sit on a stability ball instead of a chair. Feeling unstable because of the stability ball will allow your core to put in more effort and stay engaged while you sit.

4. Better posture

A strong core ensures that you stand, sit and walk with confidence. An upright posture makes you look strong and more in control. A slumped posture exudes lack of confidence and makes a person look weak and incapable. Practice sitting tall and suck in your belly button while you stand – this improves core strength and posture.

How do you strengthen your core?

Let us know by adding your comment down below or share / give us a like by using the social buttons on the left.

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Simple steps to speed up post-op recovery

Simple steps to speed up post-op recovery

There’s no magic way to recover immediately after surgery however you can use the simple steps to speed up post-op recovery. In order to recover optimally, you need to obtain good nutrition which provides sufficient nutrients and calories and thus, speed up post-op recovery. Your body needs more nutrients to support its needs after surgery; therefore, it only makes sense to work on your diet first.

Your best bet would be to have foods rich in minerals and vitamins that will speed up healing, reduce your risk of infection, and provide you with maximum energy and strength while maintaining your weight. But before anything else you need to…

Follow instructions given by your doctor Surgeon Showing X-ray Sheet To Her Patient

This includes even the most minor instructions that may seem unnecessary for you. For example, your doctor may advise you not lift objects over a certain weight for a specific amount of time after surgery or your doctor may tell you to refrain from consuming certain foods, or avoid driving for safety. There is a reason behind every instruction given by your doctor so make sure you listen carefully.

Furthermore, even if you feel good physically, you need to ensure that internal healing has taken place as well. Avoiding doctor’s instructions will result in further complications such as excessive bleeding, tissue tearing, infection etc.

Eat right

You may feel nauseas or constipated post-surgery and this may have a negative impact on your appetite as well, causing you to eat less. However, it is important that you eat the right foods that promote healing.

Some foods and nutrients that may speed up recovery after surgery include:

  1. Fiber

Some healthy choices include whole grains and whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables. Make sure you purchase goods that are fresh, organic, whole and unrefined. Avoid white flour and othefibre breakfastr refined goods such as sugar, bottled juices etc., because they may actually slow down the healing process. Cereals are also a great source of fiber but go for high-fiber, low-sugar choices. You can even just stick to a simple oatmeal.

  1. Protein

Healthy sources of lean protein include lean meats such as chicken breasts, turkey and pork, seafood and several vegetarian sources such as lentils, kidney beans, soy protein products such as tofu and tempeh, nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables. Most doctors ask patients to refrain from consuming red meat because of its high saturated fat levels that may trigger constipation.

Dairy, however, while being a rich source of protein should be used in moderation because it can cause constipation as well in patients. If you are having difficulty eating, consider supplementing your diet with protein powders after getting your doctor’s approval.  Consider having low fat dairy such as low-fat cheese or low-fat yogurt in moderation if dairy doesn’t get you constipated. Protein powders can be added to smoothies for a quick boost.

  1. Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables consist of fiber and vital nutrients required for healing after surgery. Make an attempt to have whole fruits and vegetables as canned or frozen products may have a lower nutrient content. However, if fresh is not available, the latter options are good too.

Focus on produce that is not processed. For example, have fresh whole fruits instead of bottled fruit juices or have fresh vegetable soup instead of canned vegetable soup.

However, having more fruits and vegetables may cause gas. If the bloating and gas causes severe abdominal cramping and pressure, consider decreasing your intake or taking a gas reliever (e.g. Beano).


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The best motivation tips for exercising at home

girl doing press-upsThe best motivation tips for exercising at home


Some of us do think that there is nothing more boring, unexciting or monotonous than working out at home. Unfortunately in the UK the weather is often miserable reducing the attraction for a morning jog around the estate. In these circumstances working out at home is often the only option available. Therefore willpower and determination are vital to ensure that your workout routine doesn’t diminish.

Buying new shorts, t-shirts and trainers will help you to feel motivated as well as comfortable. Hopefully this will make you excited to wake up and get dressed into your new work out gear. Feeling comfortable is key to a good workout!

If you walk into most gyms around the country you will find music blasting out of the speakers! This isn’t because the receptionist is an aspiring DJ; this is because music helps to motivate you and distract you from the strenuous exercise that your body is going through. So why should it be any different at home? Hook up your iPod to your docking station or put the music channel on the TV. This should make your work out a bit more fun.

Using a fitness CD/DVD will give you a visual demonstration of how to perform certain routines by professionals without the cost or commitment of hiring a personal trainer. Due to the growing fitness market there is a large variety of fitness DVD’s ranging from yoga and Pilates to extreme body building programmes. This allows you to work at your own pace whilst feeling like you are in a gym or a fitness studio.

It’s important to choose a variety of workouts when you’re at home. This will keep you interested and committed as well as giving your body a thorough workout. After you’ve become competen

t at performing the workout start to add new exercises. If you may start to dislike certain routines then you can always swap it for something else, for example, if sit ups become tedious swap them for a different exercise that works the same muscle e.g. (air bike)

Getting into a good routine is very important as it creates a habit. Personal preference will deter

mine when you do your work out. A popular time for most full time workers is in the morning. Through waking up an hour earlier in the morning it gives you enough time to get a sweat on, have a shower then get to work which will free your evening. However if you’re not a morning person and love your sleep put an hour a side in the evening to smash your workout!

It’s highly recommended to stock some healthy snacks. It helps the post workout period. Keep some stock of natural juices, protein bars and fruits.

It also helps to keep a journal or a note stating some short term goals and the reason. This helps to keep the motivation factors in testing times.

Pictures of your old body and new body should give great determination, as you will be able to see that the hard work is paying off. Look at the pictures when you feel like you want to quit.

One way of removing the monotonous feeling of exercising at home is to exercise with some one. Call your best friend and see if they can join in. A sense of competition could also help in shedding those extra pounds.

Most experts suggest in changing the workout routine every 4-6 weeks. Take some breaks between the workouts to renew the energy and also to help in healing the body and clearing the mind. It makes things more exciting and make it look less tiring.

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By the time you have reached 50 years of age, you will have walked approximately 75,000 mile.

Most common exercise excuses

whats your excuseMost common exercise excuses

When there is a will there is a way, even if barriers such as lack of time, lack of money or energy or just unwillingness are blocking it. If you aren’t sure about how you can lift these barriers, try going to the following tips and get motivated to start your workout now:


1.Too tired to workout

On the contrary, exercise will just boost your energy levels. When you exercise, your body begins to produce feel good hormones such as endorphins, which increase feelings of happiness and pleasure. You can work out in the morning if you want your day to be full of energy and productive, however, it doesn’t really matter when you exercise as long as you do it. As a bonus, exercise also gives you a healthy fatigue at the end of the day so that you can sleep sound at night.



No time2. Lack of time

Sometimes you don’t have to make time for a particular workout; you just need to fit it into another activity. If you’re fond of watching TV, doing some strengthening exercises with resistance bands or dumbbells may help. If you have a treadmill, use it while watching your morning news! If you want to focus on your show only, exercising during the commercials is a good option too. Try doing some squats or jumping jacks.

If you don’t have enough time for a 30 to 60 minute workout every day, you can break it down and perform mini workouts throughout the day. The outcome will be more or less the same anyway.

Another way to get a workout is to walk as much as possible. For example, you can park your car at a distance from the supermarket or your office and walk to your destination. This will give a little bit of exercise for the day because you get to walk to and from the place. If you want to kick it up a notch, try running instead.


clock time for kids

3. Not getting time off from your kids

Include them in the fun too! Take them to the park for walks or walk around the nearby playground. Grab a skipping rope and try jump roping with them. Try biking with the kids or try active video games such as Wii Sport or Dance Dance Revolution.

 exercise meaning4. Exercise isn’t fun

If you believe that exercise is all about running or just a single type of activity, you may have to re-construct your workout regimen. There is an exercise for everybody, you just to find one that suits you best. From dancing and swimming to kickboxing and weightlifting, the list is endless. Any type of activity which makes you sweat can be safely considered as an exercise. Even gardening is a good physical activity if you enjoy it.

Adjust your exercise and do it the way you enjoy it. If you enjoy running on a treadmill while watching TV, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do so.

Getting an exercise buddy can help too. You and your friend can hold each other accountable for your workouts and thus, prevent yourselves from avoiding exercise.

It’s always good to add some spice to your routine so make sure you add a new workout to your regimen and make exercise an enjoyable experience.


So what’s your excuse for not exercising?

Let us know you best exercise excuse by leaving a comment below.

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Causes of belly bloat

causes of belly bloatCauses of belly bloat

Have you swollen up and your abdomen feels really full and tight and all this happened overnight? If that is the case, then you’re probably suffering from a bad case of belly bloat.

No, a swollen or puffy belly does not indicate that you’ve gained weight; it’s highly temporary and can be prevented with a few changes in your daily habits. Bloating doesn’t only appear unsightly, it also causes discomfort and sometimes pain.

However, the good news as we mentioned before is that belly bloat can be prevented. But in order to find the treatment and prevention method, it is essential that you know the cause:


quick eating1. Eating too much, too fast

You know the feeling when you go to your favourite restaurant and you can’t hold yourself back from eating all they have to offer?

Never ever stuff your belly with more than what it can handle. We always suggest that you should eat until you are satisfied, not until you are full or stuffed.

When you eat too much or too quickly, you get bloated. Your stomach swells up in the morning and you could suffer from some possible nausea too.

Moreover, if you eat too fast, then you tend to swallow air along with your food. This results in excess gas and thus, you face physical discomfort. Experts say that you should take at least 30 minutes to finish your meal. Just remember, the process of digestion starts from the mouth, so chew properly in order to reduce stress on your stomach and prevent it from doing too much work.


belly pain 2.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Another cause for bloating can be “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” or IBM. IBM is a condition that affects your large intestine and thus, causes many uncomfortable symptoms in which bloating is on top of the list. There is no home remedy for this and the wisest advice would be to go see a doctor as soon as possible. Avoid heavy meals during this condition so that your stomach has less work to do in terms of digestion.

plump tummy3. Wheat Allergies and Lactose Intolerance

There is a chance that you might have either both or one of the mentioned allergies. However, you should be really certain that you are allergic to wheat or dairy before you decide to cut these two off from your diet. Self-medication or self-diagnosis has never been recommended by the doctors, therefore, you should see a doctor in your earliest free time so that he can confirm if you have the above said allergies or not. Find substitutes for substances you are allergic to and do some trial and error to check if you feel the same after elimination of a suspect item.


fibre breakfast4. Constipation

Constipation is also one of the most common reasons of belly bloating. When there is too little consumption of fiber, liquids or physical activity, constipation happens. To avoid this, chalk out a daily routine in which you cater for all these three things. Maintain a diet that is high in fiber by consuming nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and grains. On average, women should consume 25 grams of fiber per day and men should consume 38 grams. Make sure you exercise regularly and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. If it’s difficult for you to remember to drink water regularly, a water app might help.

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7 toning exercises for fat thighs

Toned model in big jeans

7 toning exercises for fat thighs

Women tend to show their weight gain in their thighs, hips and buttocks (not always a bad thing). Unfortunately alcohol, sugar and trans-fats contribute generously to weight gain therefore cutting these out of your diet will be lead to a vast improvement.

Toning and diet are arguably the two most important processes for conquering over sized thighs.For optimum results exercises should be completed  between four to six times a week with forty to sixty minute sessions.

Try the following thigh toning exercises for better results. It is strongly advised that you seek medical advice before attempting and of the below exercises.

1. Stationary Lunges – One of the best exercises for toning the thighs! Stand straight and then bend the
knees. Next, step forward allowing the back leg to relax. Place all the weight on the front leg and hold the position for ten seconds. Next return to original position and repeat the step for the opposite leg. Beginners should target anywhere between 3-6 sets of the exercise.

2. Walking Lunges – This is a variation of stationary lunges. While walking, the above steps should be done but without stopping or holding the position. While walking, bend at the waist and lunge one leg forward and then the opposite. Beginners can target anywhere 5-10 minutes .Gradually increase the goal to twenty minutes.

3. Leg Lift and hold– This exercise requires you to lie on your back and keep the knees and ankles as close as possible. Lift them about hands distance and hold that position for 10 seconds before returning to your original position. Its recommended to do six to eight sets of this exercise on a daily basis.

thigh stomach exercise

4. Leg Lift and Scissor – A variation of the above exercise with the only difference being the pointing of
toes and quick alternation in crossing each leg over other instead of holding. Again,six to eight sets would be appropriate.

5. Leg Lift and Circle –This exercise is targeted for one leg and the lift is basically same as mentioned
above. The variation in this one is each time the toe is made clockwise and anticlockwise movements. Six to eight sets is also suggested here.

6. Inner Thigh Squeeze – This exercise needs a large ball or a soft object which can be placed between
thighs. Wedge the object a bit away from the body and squeeze it for count of ten. Six to eight sets of this exercise is good for beginners.

7. Pulse Run – This exercise routine needs a track or pavement area. Starting in a squat position,
run at full speed for fifty or more steps. Please ensure the chest leans forward and the arms
are pumped. After the run, stand on one foot for 5 seconds and then do the same on the other. Repeat the routine for fifteen to thirty minutes taking breaks as needed.

Please take this article as a general toning guide! Seek medical advice before you carry out any of the exercise describe above.

How do you tone up your legs & thighs? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the the box below.

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5 Top excercises to build muscles without going to the Gym

Popular belief is that one can only build muscles if you hit the gym. But what most do not understand is the fact that physical training is never limited to the gym alone. It is always possible to increase the overall fitness and develop muscle mass without going to gym.

Its all about discipline and a few other tips without the use of fancy or expensive gym equipment.

Exercises involving bodyweight according to some old school trainers are that bodyweight exercises are better than  artificial weight to obtain muscle mass gains.

Five of the best exercises in this category are as follows;



girl doing press-ups

The exercise can indirectly help in bringing in muscle mass in triceps and biceps. Some consider the effects of push ups to that of a bench press. Push-ups use the entire body as a weight for during the up & down movements. One thing to note here is the fact the more closer the hands are to each other, the more the emphasis is developing the triceps.  Further away from each other and the emphasis is on developing the chest muscles.



Man doing pull-ups

Another great exercise that does not need any major equipment is pull ups. Considered as one of the most basic of the training exercises, the exercise targets the gains on back, neck and arms. All that is needed for this exercise is a horizontal pole in the house, normally mounted between door ways / frames. The horizontal pole or  bar used should be smooth and straight ( as well as secure). Keep doing the pull ups until there is muscle fatigue and do the exercise in repetitions.



Man squatingPerhaps an unchallenged exercise among all, squatting is capable of toning and developing a proportional body which is also muscular. The exercises focus on legs and back. After getting used to free hand squats, one can try one legged version. This exercise can also be done with lot of repetitions. Lower back strength can also be achieved through this exercise.


Girl doing crunches

One of the best exercises to target the abdominal muscles and is most effective especially to remove flab around flattening the stomach.

5.Simple dumbbell Exercises

Girl with bumbbellsOne can use the dumbbells without hitting the gym as they are easily attainable, cheap and easy to store. Dumbbells if used properly can help in targeting each and specific areas of the body. Some of the exercises which can be done with dumbbells are weighted lunges, dead-lifts, weight walking, side fly for shoulders and military presses.

“routine, consistency and discipline are needed”

To observe any visual results, routine, consistency and discipline are needed although you should feel better well before you start seeing the results and combined with a good balanced diet should help you on your way to a healthy body.

Safety has to be paramount and prior to and during exercising and  precautions taken in the prevention of personal injuries. Ensure that you consult your doctor if you suffer from, think you suffer from or have any doubts with regards to your health prior to or during the partaking of any physical exercises.

What  “gym free” exercise do you find useful?

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