7 toning exercises for fat thighs

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7 toning exercises for fat thighs

Women tend to show their weight gain in their thighs, hips and buttocks (not always a bad thing). Unfortunately alcohol, sugar and trans-fats contribute generously to weight gain therefore cutting these out of your diet will be lead to a vast improvement.

Toning and diet are arguably the two most important processes for conquering over sized thighs.For optimum results exercises should be completed  between four to six times a week with forty to sixty minute sessions.

Try the following thigh toning exercises for better results. It is strongly advised that you seek medical advice before attempting and of the below exercises.

1. Stationary Lunges – One of the best exercises for toning the thighs! Stand straight and then bend the
knees. Next, step forward allowing the back leg to relax. Place all the weight on the front leg and hold the position for ten seconds. Next return to original position and repeat the step for the opposite leg. Beginners should target anywhere between 3-6 sets of the exercise.

2. Walking Lunges – This is a variation of stationary lunges. While walking, the above steps should be done but without stopping or holding the position. While walking, bend at the waist and lunge one leg forward and then the opposite. Beginners can target anywhere 5-10 minutes .Gradually increase the goal to twenty minutes.

3. Leg Lift and hold– This exercise requires you to lie on your back and keep the knees and ankles as close as possible. Lift them about hands distance and hold that position for 10 seconds before returning to your original position. Its recommended to do six to eight sets of this exercise on a daily basis.

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4. Leg Lift and Scissor – A variation of the above exercise with the only difference being the pointing of
toes and quick alternation in crossing each leg over other instead of holding. Again,six to eight sets would be appropriate.

5. Leg Lift and Circle –This exercise is targeted for one leg and the lift is basically same as mentioned
above. The variation in this one is each time the toe is made clockwise and anticlockwise movements. Six to eight sets is also suggested here.

6. Inner Thigh Squeeze – This exercise needs a large ball or a soft object which can be placed between
thighs. Wedge the object a bit away from the body and squeeze it for count of ten. Six to eight sets of this exercise is good for beginners.

7. Pulse Run – This exercise routine needs a track or pavement area. Starting in a squat position,
run at full speed for fifty or more steps. Please ensure the chest leans forward and the arms
are pumped. After the run, stand on one foot for 5 seconds and then do the same on the other. Repeat the routine for fifteen to thirty minutes taking breaks as needed.

Please take this article as a general toning guide! Seek medical advice before you carry out any of the exercise describe above.

How do you tone up your legs & thighs? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the the box below.

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5 Top excercises to build muscles without going to the Gym

Popular belief is that one can only build muscles if you hit the gym. But what most do not understand is the fact that physical training is never limited to the gym alone. It is always possible to increase the overall fitness and develop muscle mass without going to gym.

Its all about discipline and a few other tips without the use of fancy or expensive gym equipment.

Exercises involving bodyweight according to some old school trainers are that bodyweight exercises are better than  artificial weight to obtain muscle mass gains.

Five of the best exercises in this category are as follows;



girl doing press-ups

The exercise can indirectly help in bringing in muscle mass in triceps and biceps. Some consider the effects of push ups to that of a bench press. Push-ups use the entire body as a weight for during the up & down movements. One thing to note here is the fact the more closer the hands are to each other, the more the emphasis is developing the triceps.  Further away from each other and the emphasis is on developing the chest muscles.



Man doing pull-ups

Another great exercise that does not need any major equipment is pull ups. Considered as one of the most basic of the training exercises, the exercise targets the gains on back, neck and arms. All that is needed for this exercise is a horizontal pole in the house, normally mounted between door ways / frames. The horizontal pole or  bar used should be smooth and straight ( as well as secure). Keep doing the pull ups until there is muscle fatigue and do the exercise in repetitions.



Man squatingPerhaps an unchallenged exercise among all, squatting is capable of toning and developing a proportional body which is also muscular. The exercises focus on legs and back. After getting used to free hand squats, one can try one legged version. This exercise can also be done with lot of repetitions. Lower back strength can also be achieved through this exercise.


Girl doing crunches

One of the best exercises to target the abdominal muscles and is most effective especially to remove flab around flattening the stomach.

5.Simple dumbbell Exercises

Girl with bumbbellsOne can use the dumbbells without hitting the gym as they are easily attainable, cheap and easy to store. Dumbbells if used properly can help in targeting each and specific areas of the body. Some of the exercises which can be done with dumbbells are weighted lunges, dead-lifts, weight walking, side fly for shoulders and military presses.

“routine, consistency and discipline are needed”

To observe any visual results, routine, consistency and discipline are needed although you should feel better well before you start seeing the results and combined with a good balanced diet should help you on your way to a healthy body.

Safety has to be paramount and prior to and during exercising and  precautions taken in the prevention of personal injuries. Ensure that you consult your doctor if you suffer from, think you suffer from or have any doubts with regards to your health prior to or during the partaking of any physical exercises.

What  “gym free” exercise do you find useful?

Let our readers know by leaving a comment down below!

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