Strengthen your core – 4 good reasons why you should

core strength

Why you need to strengthen your core.

Rocking a beach-worthy body may be good motivation, but it isn’t the only reason to strengthen your core. Your core has a lot more to do in improving your lifestyle than just plain aesthetics. The core is your body’s powerhouse. It facilitates movements, protects your internal organs and houses your nervous system.


Here are 4 reasons for increasing your core strength:

1. Injury prevention

You need more than a hundred crunches to achieve a strong core. When it comes torso strength, you require core stability along with core strength. Most of us miss out on the stability part because we are so focused on getting a 6 pack. Core stability is crucial because you have to work your deeper muscles first. Once you’ve worked the deeper muscles, everything else will fall into the right place. Core stability increases your fitness level and ensures that you are less prone to injury. When we are moving, it is easy to assume that your legs, feet or hands are doing all the work, however, most movement originates from the center i.e. your core. Achieving a strong and hard core will ensure your movements are more fluid, fruitful and pain-free. For better core stability, try to suck your belly button inwards as much as possible. Kegel exercises are excellent if you’re a woman because it helps in drawing in your pelvic floor and strengthening your core’s lower end.

2. Protect your central nervous system and internal organs

If you want to be healthy, you need to protect your vital organs. Your core is not only the area where your central nervous system and organs do most of their work, it is also where the largest and most important blood vessels in your body are located. When you have a strong core, you ensure that everything inside is protected while you do your daily life tasks.

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3. Eliminate back pain

Back pain is one of the most common results of a weak core. In most cases, back pain is caused by weak abdominals and overly strong back muscles. When you develop core strength, you build a balance in the front and back of your body. Having a sedentary lifestyle just makes things worse. Therefore, make sure you are mindful about your posture. Not being careful about how you sit and whether you engage your core muscles can result in compressed disks in the spine. Sitting for prolonged periods with an arched and tilted pelvis instead of sitting straight and tall can cause back pain. If you really want to work your core most of the time, try to sit on a stability ball instead of a chair. Feeling unstable because of the stability ball will allow your core to put in more effort and stay engaged while you sit.

4. Better posture

A strong core ensures that you stand, sit and walk with confidence. An upright posture makes you look strong and more in control. A slumped posture exudes lack of confidence and makes a person look weak and incapable. Practice sitting tall and suck in your belly button while you stand – this improves core strength and posture.

How do you strengthen your core?

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