Healthy fast foods

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Healthy Fast foods


When you take the initiative to eat healthy, you may think that you are giving up on those foods that you love the most. This can be particularly true with the junk foods. It does not help that those foods are so tasty and so convenient. It is time to change your thinking. Eating healthy does not restrict your diet to just fruit and vegetables. There is a wide variety of healthy foods, including alternatives to junk food. In this article, we review a long list of healthy choices for a quick and healthy snack.



You may be able to stop the need for junk food before it even starts with a simple glass of water. One glass of water may stop the urge for junk food. Have a glass of water and wait twenty minutes. By that time, the hunger may pass.


Now on to eating some good healthy stuff!


Rice Cakes and Popcorn

You may or may not be a fan of popcorn or rice cakes, but choosing them over crisps will be a smart move! Good news; just like crisps, you can get these in different flavours and you should be able to try a few until you find one that makes you happy. Be careful though, do not add flavour that defeats the purpose of eating sensibly in the first place. Try a little salt or some low-fat butter to make your healthy snack a little more enjoyable.


Granola or Power Bars

If your first thought for something convenient is a candy bar, then consider a granola bar or a power bar. You probably will find these more enjoyable. Even better, these alternatives are more likely to satiate your appetite better than a chocolate bar that you used to enjoy. If you are looking for an extra kick, a Power Bar is a great way to get that energy as well as protein and vitamins. Similarly, granola bars have much healthier ingredients that you would otherwise find in a candy bar or other candy.


healthy fast food

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Fruits and Vegetables

There are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available and you should be able to find some that satisfy your taste buds. Try not to think about those veggies that your mother forced you to eat or those that were added to bad cafeteria food. There are sweet veggies and fruits out there that you can enjoy. Make sure that you get a wide variety not just for your palate, but also for the different vitamins and minerals in the various kinds of fruits and vegetables. Since these are healthy foods, eat up, your body will thank you.


Frozen Yogurt

Have you got those ice cream cravings? Well, frozen yogurt is a cool way to get a little sweetness and stay away from the pounds that ice cream can add. Just like ice cream you can get it in a lot of different flavours that should make it feel like a special treat. It’s cool, creaminess will make you feel like you are eating ice cream.

 Healthy Eating Strategy

How to Get to Healthy?


You need to put together a strategy for success. The first step would be to make success possible. Write down the reasons that you have to stop eating junk food. Write down the calorie intake of your favourite guilty pleasure. Research the worst ingredients in that candy bar that you think you just have to have. Maybe even illustrate the results of junk food in pictures of how you look with extra pounds. Keep this notes and pictures in places where they are most effective, like near the cupboard.


Keep healthy alternatives handy. Stock your shelves and your fridge with those healthy foods that you like. This will ensure that you have something good for you when you get a craving. Remember that one of the advantages to junk food is its convenience, whether it is at corner story or in the fast-food junk. Keeping a supply will make these trips unnecessary.


You may want to make healthy food and then save it for another day. Take the extra and freeze it. When you feel the need, you can microwave the extra and cut off that craving at the pass. Having a variety of healthy treats available can help you avoid any monotony in your healthy lifestyle.


If you can show a little discipline, you can reward yourself with an occasional junk food prize. The key is to understand that your reward must be occasional. Filling up with a bag of potato chips is not a reward, it is heading for disaster. So keep the reward small but satisfying and you can stop the craving.


The issue may not be what you are eating, but how you are eating it. If you enjoy fried food, you should consider boiling or grilling your favourites. You can add spices or other extras to make it taste to your liking. There are even ways to keep the flavour of meats when you grill.


The demon in the junk food universe is the fast food chains. However, these chains are nothing if they’re not market savvy, so they realized that they must adapt their menus. So you do not need to pass by your favourite fast food joint, just check out other parts of the menu. Try the grilled items instead of the fried. Order a salad instead of the burger and fries. Check out the calorie counts of what is on the menu. Your love affair with these restaurants does not have to end, only mature.


So you have a plan and now you are ready to go. But what if you slip? Do not fret it, expect it. The key is to pick yourself up, not get too worked up over it, and get back on your plan. A little food indiscretion is not going to destroy your intent, but fretting over it can be more detrimental to your health than that candy bar.


There is no shortage of diet solutions out there as anyone who turns on a television around new years knows or stops in a bookstore and peruses the bookshelves on diets. You may have friends and family who have spent a lifetime trying the various diets. That is the advantage to moving away from junk food. The results will occur quickly and they can lead to a permanent change in diet that will keep those pounds off.


Before you move forward with your plan, make sure that you consult with your physician before making any drastic changes in your diet. If you are replacing junk food with supplements, herbs, or similar items from your health food store, you should always make sure that it will not interfere with any other health condition. The goal is to bring your health forward, so you do not want to cause more harm than good.


Finally, do not let a trip to a restaurant as a chance to go calorie crazy. If you keep your intake under control, you can enjoy a meal away from the house. Check out the calorie count of the menu items and take advantage of time away from the kitchen.

We want to hear what your favourite healthy snack is!

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