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Beat acid reflux with your eyes closed! Get the most effective acid reflux treatment. Acid reflux is very uncomfortable. And as if that’s not enough, you also experience it during sleep so it affects the kind of rest you have at night. So what if the guy at the counter knows what you’re feeling, right? What you want is to not feel anything because of acid reflux. What you want is to just sleep in piece without fear of being assaulted from the inside by acid rising up from your stomach. What you want is a bed wedge.

 A what?

A bed wedge is one of the most effective aids for acid reflux treatment. Bed wedges, as their name implies, are foam wedges you can use when you sleep. To put it simply, bed wedges are pillows that elevate your back and head, designed to raise your torso to aid in alleviating acid reflux. They may come in various shapes and sizes but are commonly made with elevations between six and eight inches. The best acid reflux treatment can be only a click away.

How does it work?

A wedge pillow functions by taking advantage of gravity. With your torso propped up, acids in your stomach are kept at bay because they can’t rush back up your esophagus. Because they can’t go back up the esophagus, you don’t have to endure bouts of acid reflux. Wedge pillows are better than regular pillows because they are made of sturdier materials meaning their firmness won’t change over time. Firmness is very important in wedge pillows because this allows them to keep supporting the torso at the required elevation to relieve acid reflux. Regular pillows are just not firm enough, even when they are new, so they can’t provide the support you need to prop up the torso to combat acid reflux. If you’re in need of quick relief and don’t have wedge pillows, you can make do with regular pillows for a couple of nights. Still, it is best to get wedge pillows at the soonest time possible in order to take advantage of the relief they provide against acid reflux.

 Where can you get one?

You should be able to find a bed wedge wherever pillows are sold. If you’re having trouble finding one, your best bet is to take your search online. There are different kinds of bed wedges and a number of online stores carry them, giving you a range of options to consider to help you find the best bed wedge pillows for you to use. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for recommendations!

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Did you know? 60% of the adult population will experience acid reflux disease within a 12 month period and 20% to 30% will have weekly symptoms.Click here to view our large selection of memory foam wedge pillows

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