Wedge Pillow – Quick Remedy For acid Reflux / Gerd

Sleepless nights for many of us are due to a multitude of reasons which may include

sleepless night reflux




work related


Acid Reflux & Excessive heartburn!

Heartburn or GERD can be exasperated when lying down, sleeping. Many expert physicians prescribe bed wedge pillows to those who suffer from the disease called GERD or even to those who sometimes feel a sensation of heartburn while they are asleep due to acid reflux.

Acid reflux refers to a disorder wherein the digestive acid present in our stomach starts moving upwards towards and seeps through the oesophagus area creating an uncomfortable feeling which is sometimes called heart burn which can disturb our sleep. When this situation persists for a long period of time for a particular person, he or she is then said to be suffering from a disease called GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease).

Everyone has “acid” present in their stomach as it is a major factor that helps facilitate the digestion system. These acids remain in the stomach when we stand or sit since the gravitational force holds it downwards in the stomach itself but for some people this acid starts moving upwards towards (and past) the oesophagus when they are lying down. This is because when we lay themselves down, both our stomach and oesophagus area are in a levelled position unlike when they stand up or sit down. This situation leads to acid leaking past the oesophagus which in turn can lead to a disturbed sleep pattern or even sleeplessness and can be so aggravating that it effects their daily routines the next day.


Wedge pillows are a rational invention that is tailored-made to unravel the problem of acid reflux. Since acid reflux occurs only due to the fact that both stomach and oesophagus are at the same level the wedge pillow addresses this issue with a purely natural and simple approach. The wedged shaped pillow is designed in such a way that it lifts up the upper body (torso) of the sufferer (creating an incline) that is steep enough to make the stomach acid stay below the oesophagus therefore facilitating the acid to stay in the stomach.

 BWL sleepingThough a bed wedge pillow is an excellent temporary measure (as stated used mainly when lying down or sleeping) it eliminates the discomfort caused due to the condition, remember that it is not a permanent “cure” or “fix”  for the ailment but it is definitely a great relief to those suffering from GERD.

The victims of severe night time reflux can have a natural remedy that is purely logical and trustworthy without any (known) adverse side effects. With the wedge pillow, you can enjoy a blissful sleep at night that makes it possible for you to wake up fresh the next morning and continue your work and family life without any limitations.

Besides all these, the wedge pillow also acts as a good multi-purpose support that can give comfort when used while;

  • watching television
  • using your laptop
  • reading books
  • or as a leg raise and so on.

For those who suffer from back pain, a wedge pillow is a must have since it reduces pressure on your back, shoulders and neck. Thus, a wedge pillow is not only the best remedy for GERD or acid reflux, it is also a multi-use aid that eases many activities at home.

Know of a better way to use a wedge pillow? How do you get the best use out of your wedge-pillow?

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If you think that you are suffering from acid reflux then you must consult with a medical professional before you try any solution.Reflux wedges are a great multifunctional non prescribed device that carry little to no risk and are available in a number of shapes & sizes depending on personal requirements, as available from our bed wedge range.

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